The HIstory of Archwood Hall

Historic Roots

Founded in 1906

Did you know that the Archwood Hall has foundational roots stemming all the way back to 1906? When our guests have their wedding venue or events in our space it can be described nothing short of “stepping back into time.”

Whether it’s the main hall with its vaulted white ceilings and rustic pews seating up to 230 people; or the stunning August Ballroom that seats 185 people offering a large customizable open space and rich-polished-wood floors; there is an expert staff tasked with preserving this historic landmark ready to make your wedding or event vision a reality.

View of Archwood Hall main auditorium space with pews and vaulted ceilings in CDA Idaho.

A History in design

If you ever wondered why the building looks so picturesque, it is because it was designed by famed Coeur d’Alene architect George Williams. It was built mostly by volunteer labor as the community rallied around it being erected. On its two street-facing facades you will see stepped gables, these are made with old fashioned white pressed brick. The building has two watchful towers of differing heights looking out over the residents that live nearby. A number of George’s buildings are listed with the National Register. He designed the CDA City Hall and Roosevelt School off of 1st and Wallace Sts.

CDA, Idaho's Rich history

CDA, Idaho is a wonderful destination to visit because of it’s many recreational activities and rich historical roots. The Archwood Hall is just one of many places to visit. Whether you are looking to book an event, or the architectural motifs of George Williams fit the setting for your dream wedding. We invite you to come enjoy the rich history of Couer d’Alene Idaho.

Exterior view of Archwood Hall Wedding and Events CDA Idaho during daytime

It started as a church

Before it was known as Archwood Hall offering wedding venues and events in Couer d’Alene, Idaho it was called First United Methodist Church. This iconic church was built in 1906 and later added to the National Register in 1979.

Did you know, in order to be listed in the National Register a building has to undergo rigorous evaluation based on property age, significance, and integrity? Archwood Hall meets all these criteria because it has been so well maintained and hosts events like weddings which were held there dating back to the 1900s.

First United Methodist Church CDA Idaho

The Roosevelt School

The Roosevelt School bares striking resemblance to the Archwood Hall building using similar design motifs. Pictured here you can see what the school looked like in this historic photo. George Williams originally built the school back in 1905. It was later converted into an Inn in 1998.


Nestled in Coeur d’ Alenes Garden District


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